Informal Luxury Porcelaine de Limoges & Faïence Tableware


Our Founder

Penelope (“Penny Penzo”) Vincent is a world renowned Artist and her works of art are instantly recognizable by her ceramic illustrations. For the last 23 years, Penny has been most famous for her Zimbabwean produced hand painted one-of-a-kind functional, collectible tableware depicting bright colorful African wildlife and landscapes. Penny is now realizing her dream of bringing her distinctly individual, trend setting style and exquisite designs to French porcelain and faïence dinnerware.

Penny spent a thrilling childhood surrounded by spectacular vistas and wildlife in the heart of the Zimbabwean Lowveld laying the foundation for a deep commitment, respect and love for Africa and its people.

In 1993 after working as a nurse in intensive care units all over the world and absorbing the rich colors and designs of the cultures as she went, Penny returned to Zimbabwe. Her plan was to harness, nurture and develop the natural artistic abilities of the Zimbabwean people and to teach them a marketable skill to gain personal economic viability and hope for a secure future filled with promise and opportunity. Young women and men came to her from all over the country and little by little her vision began to materialize and develop into Penzo™ (Penny’s nickname), the beautifully detailed ceramic dinnerware and showpieces collected around the world.

Twenty years later, Penzo™  is undoubtedly the market leader in hand-painted African ceramics and Penny felt she had achieved what she had set out to accomplish in Africa. Having found wonderful people to continue the day-to-day Penzo™ production in Zimbabwe, Penny moved to France in 2013 with a new ambition in mind; to produce her colorful and joyful designs as a range of “informal luxury” dinnerware for everyday use. She loves the feel and durability of European porcelain and faïence but thought the existing patterns and designs too stiff, conventional and often outdated for the cosmopolitan lifestyle of today’s customer. Her ambition has already resulted in a lively array of table settings and gifts for every occasion.

With numerous unusual and refreshing design lines, Penelope Penzo is the continuation of the intriguing vision and endless creativity of this remarkable woman. To join Penny on her quest, please visit visit Penny’s Facebook.





Our Brand

Penelope Penzo Porcelain & Faïence offers exciting, surprising and fresh designs bringing timeless “Informal Luxury” to your table.
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Our History & Vision

Born in Zimbabwe, Africa and having traveled the world over as and Intensive Care Nurse, Penelope returned home to Zimbabwe…
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Enchanting Informal Luxury dinnerware made from French Porcelaine de Limoges and Faïence