Informal Luxury Porcelaine de Limoges & Faïence Tableware



Shadow Size 230 x 230

Safari Splendour    Faïence

Inspired and based on Penelope’s world famous “Penzo Mashona” and “Penelope Penzo Safari Bright” – hand painted earthenware ceramics, the “Safari Splendour” will showcase some of the best and most stunning designs presented on the finest faïence from Portugal.
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Safari Blue&White      Faïence

Penelope has created an entirely new look to traditional Blue and White tableware by using her designs inspired by her deep love of the African bush and wildlife applied to the finest faïence from Portugal. A must-have piece of Africa in all its glory in your own home.


Blue Feather Porcelain

This delightful, fresh design was inspired by the spotted feathers of the African Guinea Fowl.

Your Blue Feather can be enjoyed simply on its own or use the bowls and plates to compliment your Blue Safari collection.


        Lara & Lily         Faïence

Using brightly colored Zebra stripes
to enhance the Presentation Plates,
Penelope Penzo created this joyful, fresh and very elegant faïence from Portugal filled with colorful  butterflies and flowers to celebrate Penelope’s
twin nieces, Lara and Lily,
happily playing in their garden.


  Mauritius     Porcelain

Penelope’s close family ties with this gorgeous Indian Ocean Island and originally created for her nieces Natalie and Melissa, this colorful dinnerware with shells, corals and aquamarine lagoons filled with colorful exotic fish will enhance any setting in any home whether that be a chateau or  a boat.
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Safari Green    Porcelain

For those collectors that prefer a Green setting above the more traditional blue-white, this addition to the “Safari” collections will extend the personal colour choice of our discerning customers. Safari Green is made from some of the finest French porcelain from Limoges.
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     Louise & Emily       Faïence

Penelope’s Lauren Gold & Platinum is a delicate line of Porcelain tableware presented in Gold and Platinum, lovely for any formal occasion or family gathering. This versatile design, inspired by an African basket weave, is also available as an informal range of Faience tableware. 
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Harvest in Provence   Faïence

Presented in a range of lovely muted tones and inspired by the humour found in Medieval Folk Art, depicting daily life and the gathering of food for festivities and the family table, Penelope has used her unique imagination and gift for the unexpected in this happy and timeless range.
Harvest in Provence